Jul 19,2021
Introducing Bee Network Browser Beta

Bee Network Browser provides a web experience into a decentralized world. In addition to supporting any Web2.0 applications just like existing web browsers, Bee Network Browser enables people to browse, interact and transact in decentralized applications - applications that integrate with blockchain technology - with seamless and friendly user experience.

Bee Network Browser will be largely opened for apps, it will be more convenience and powerful with new features that users could enjoy a seamless expererience.

As Bee Network is breaking through 14million users, we sincerely introduce this news to all the Bee pioneers. In the future, it will enable anyone to visit any website on Bee Netwok Browser, and we have opened up the association with the main Bee Network App. Users who has installed Bee Network app, the authorization will be activated. The number of Bees on the Bee Network Browser will be perfectly consistented with the Bee Network App and achieving intercommunication. Many of the new feature will be released in the Bee Network Browser. To keep the hot news, follow the Bee Network Browser news! You will be notified instanly once there’s any update.

Beta version will be available for download on Google, Apple Apps Store and other apps store.

The beta version of Bee Network Browser is getting available to download soon. It aims to create a more open and direct Bee Network utilities platform where developers can easily develop, test and deploy Bee Network application. Bee Pioneers and try and use them. You would be able to get Bees, read news and even our whitepaper! We’ll keep updating new features on it such as wallet, chat rooms. Please looking forward to it !

Thank you for your love and support to Bee Network

Bee Network DAO


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