Sep 01,2021
[Important news] Bee Network Eco-Partner Cooperation Policy is Coming

Hi, everyone, in order to achieve a win-win situation between Bee Network and all users, Bee Nework DAO has decided to formulate a Bee Ecological Cooperation Policy. If you publish information and introductions about Bee on your social platforms, you can send an email to [email protected] inform us. After being approved by Bee Network DAO, we will forward it through our social media according to the quality of the content and the number of the fans. At the same time, there are other related support policies waiting for you.

In addition, if there are other projects, medias or peron are willing to in-depth cooperation with us, please contact our business email: [email protected] to begin communication. Another information is that for those partners we have worked with, we will have a number of dedicated top player exchange groups, where where you can exchange information and resources. If you have any questions about business cooperation, you can contact us via emails above.

The number of followers on Bee's social media currently:







Type of cooperation:

Global strategic partners

(1) Reposting and interacting with official social media accounts:

Users with 1000-5000 fans: youtube forwards, and the official account will interact;

5001-10000 followers: Reposting and interacting on Youtube and Twitter;

10001-15000 fans: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook will repost and interact;

15001-20000 fans: Youtub, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram will repost and interact;

More than 20,000 fans: all social media will repost and interact;

(2) Propaganda support, information provision, help build exclusive website

(3) Get Bee Network peripheral products and other benefits

(4) Obtained global strategic partner certification

(5) Outstanding performers can directly become Bee Network DAO members

Bee Network DAO


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