Sep 02,2021
[Exclusive Preview] Bee Network announces part of plans for the fourth quarter

Hi everyone, how time flies, it's already September now. The members of Bee Network DAO have been working hard to polish the Bee Network app. We know that most of you really want to know our follow-up plan, so I will reveal it for you this time: Part of Bee Network's plans for the fourth quarter:

  1. First of all, KYC, which everyone is very concerned about, will be opened again in the fourth quarter
  2. Secondly, telegram will support some functions like: registration, login and earning bee. What's more, we will also bring really great welfare activities for everyone.
  3. Finally, Bee Network Browser and wallet will meet with you in the fourth quarter

The above is part of Bee Network DAO's plan for the fourth quarter. Although there are many things to be done, we will definitely bring you a better experience. Please continue to support and promote Bee Network so that we can reach our final goal faster.

Bee Network DAO


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