Sep 28,2021
【Upcoming Events】 Bee Network will have monthly Bee's Lucky Day

Hi pioneers! In our white paper we've explained the reason why we named Bee Network : inspired by the concept of "Hive Mind", which sees everyone of you as a hardworking bee, a big family of bees are keeping constructing the hive and making a new ecology. For this reason, Bee Network DAO plans to hold a special event "Bee's Lucky Day" on the first day of every month to reward all the pioneers for their efforts and supports. Please pay attention to the news in Bee App as well posts on social media, don't miss a chance to win the rewards!

When is Bee's Lucky Day?

Bee's Lucky Day is the first day of each month, and the latest event will start on October 1st and end on October 3rd. Bee Network DAO will publish the winning list on Twitter and rewards will be distributed within 7 working days. (p.s. The time here refers to U.S. Eastern Time)

How to participate Bee's Lucky Day?

Retweet specified content along with your Bee Network invitation code as @Beenetworkintl will post on October 1st.

What's the reward of Bee's Lucky Day?

Bee Network DAO will draw 10 lucky bees randomly and give $50 Amazon gift card to each.

How can I know if I'm the lucky bee?

Bee Network DAO will publish the winning list on Twitter (@Beenetworkintl), the lucky ones are supposed to claim the prize through Twitter message within 48 hours or will lose the eligibility.

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