May 11,2022
【Good News】Multi-Language Is Available In Square

🙌Greetings to global Bees.

Airdrop events prepared by Bee Network DAO in Square have been a recent focus for all Bee lovers. Though, due to the single-language-display for Square contents as well airdrop projects' details, many may find it difficult to read and join, especially for non- English speakers. The development team decided to make multi-language available as quickly as they can.

Now, you can have a better understanding of Square content by choosing a familiar language accordingly through the Translation button in Square.👇

Thank you for your long term support, Bee Network DAO is planning on more suprising benefits for you, please keep tuned.

Please keep earning the daily Bee 🐝 and join airdrop projects. Bigger harvests await you.

Bee Network DAO


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